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How To Overthrow A Wikipedia Result

A busy position artist runs into this issue quite often. I ran to it again the other day and realised that I might too show my Blue Hat peeps the way to conquer the same problem because its a fairly popular issue to have and there’s a easy remedy for it.

Your site is holding a particular position and a Wikipedia page is ranked right above it. The specific ranks do not particularly matter, but similar to Hillary Clinton in the primaries you can’t possibly live being crushed like that.

The Simple Solution

The simplicity of this tactic actually depends very heavily on the Wikipedia entry. In any event they are all very beatable, but a few are simpler than others. Actually as mentioned I only ran into this issue recently and I managed to knock on the aggressive Wikipage entirely out of their top 20 in two days using these steps. You first have to understand the Wikipage rankings.

2) Innerlinking among other Wikipedia entries boosting the webpage value. <- Especially the See Also’s

3) Inbound links from many typically blogs and forums. <- An observant person wouldn’t only observe the high percentage of hyperlinks from blogs/forums compared to other forms of hyperlinks but a strong absence of sitewide links from some of these sites.

You clearly can not do anything about the domain authority of but understand that it is pages are like a tripod; If you knock one of these legs the whole thing falls (pun). Well now that you know why it is there right up over you like a towering fugly friend of the girl you’re trying to hit on the answer becomes evident. Assessing out motives two and three.

Wikipedia SEO


1) Together with your favourite link analysis tool (I prefer the simplistic Yahoo Site Explorer) find all the pages which link to the specific wikipedia entry which come in the domain.

Two ) Go to every list and find the reference to this offending Wikipage. You’ll find the majority of them in the See Also section or linked throughout the article. This is where the ease that I was speaking about before comes into play. Listings for example”Flash Games” or”Election News” are easier because they’re so irrelevant. When people are searching Google for phrases such as these they’re obviously wanting to come across actual flash games or election information, not some faggy Wikipedia page stating what they’re. The identical concept applies to additional Wikipages linking to them. Just because the writer place the text in the article or the See Also does not mean its a relevant reference to this subject matter.

Be sure to leave a fantastic persuasive reason behind the removal on the editing rationale. Eliminate as many as possible but strictly restrict yourself. I understand Blue Hatters have a tendency to overdo things but you are just going to fuck yourself whether you immediately go through each and each reference and mass delete them. If you don’t understand how many you should eliminate, keep it to no more than 1-2 a day. Eliminate the references with the highest pagerank first in case you got a ranking emergency and change IPs between every one. This may either knock out one of it’s legs or cripple the leg a bit. Which leaves you my game and exceed philosophy.

4) Locate all the sites and forums that link to that Wikipage and go drop a connection in as many of these as possible. Match and transcend. I’m not planning to dive to the nofollow talk on this particular one or discuss the advantages of links via blog comments. Just realize your goal in this example is not to acquire more links it’s to get your link on the very same pages which link to the Wikipage. As mentioned above you are going to be dealing largely with forums and blogs, you’re in the exact same market as the topics they’re talking about obviously and you likely won’t have any sitewide hyperlinks to address so you won’t have to experience any connection begging flashes.

5) Try to drop your connection to the article. That is common sense.

Side Notice

Wikipedia’s domain authority isn’t something Ý0µ ought to be completely stressed abouṪ. They’re website and µrl structure really ßÊcomes favorable to assist deaden some of those heightening factors.

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